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Show Your Support For "World Wildlife Day" 馃 Conservation

lifestylePosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

Today is a very important day on the Nature Conservation Calendar for March, being "World Wildlife Day" 馃 Did you know that Black Rhinos, Sumatran Elephants and Orangutans living in Borneo are all endangered species.

Quite shocking! Don't you think? That these animals could completely disappear from our view in the future. Perhaps, even in our own small way we could help the "International Union for Conservation of Nature". Just by raising as much awareness as we possibly can.

My choice of song for this Animal themed event is "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" ~ Which is the popular Soundtrack from the Disney Movie "The Lion King". This seems to be the most appropriate song for any Wildlife related event (In my opinion).

  • The National Calendar Website Link for 3rd March [here]

Below is my chosen song 馃幎 in support of Today's "World Wildlife Day" 馃 important Conservation event.

Also notice that the special Twitter "hash tag" #WorldWildlifeDay is currently trending!

So go Tweet it out TODAY!...

My Song Selection For Today is: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" ~ Officially Uploaded to 漏YouTube by 漏DisneyMusicVEVO

Above Music Source: YouTube [Here]

Perhaps you can think of something better? If you also have a great song suggestion yourself then please comment below...

Many Thanks for listening, see you all again very soon... 馃憢

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