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馃張Week 14: Predict The Score Of The Browns Vs. Panthers Game To Win A Share Of BHIVE To Use On Whaleshares!

lexiwitness3 months ago4 min read

This is Week 14 of the Predict The Score Contest

The rules for scoring are the same as last week (given below)


First place will receive 15 BHIVE

Second place will receive 10 BHIVE

Third place will receive 5 BHIVE

Fourth place will receive 5 BHIVE

Fifth place will receive 5 BHIVE

The prize pool will be split evenly if two or more contestants tie

This week's featured witness is @bushkill-witness!

This Sunday, December 9th, The Cleveland Browns will play the Carolina Panthers at 12:00PM CST. The goal is to guess the correct score of this specific game! Whoever is closest or guesses the correct score will win 15 BHIVE to be used on Whaleshares with second place receiving 10 BHIVE, etc.(More information on that below馃憞! )You must have a bitshares account to collect your prize!

If no one predicts the correct score, the winner will be calculated by being the closest to the correct score.

猬囷笍Important Please Read猬囷笍

The correct score or closest score wins. Tokens will be distributed evenly for a tie.
Please input your prediction with the team name next to their score.
No submissions accepted after game starts
Please include your bitshares account with submission

This is how the score will be calculated. For example, if the Browns and Jets were playing and the score is Browns 17 and the Jets 14 with a submission of Browns 20 and Jets 23. The higher score on each side will be taken and reduced by the lower score. The math would look like this.

Don't worry if you're not a sports fan!

There are many tools available to give you a good guess for the outcome of the game. One of the tools I like to use are sports betting lines for "guess the score" games. Some popular sports betting lines are oddsshark.com, vegasinsider.com, and bovada.com. The oddsshark link will probably be the easiest to decipher if you are not a sports bettor or able to read sports lines.

What is BHIVE?

BHIVE is a WhaleToken created by @bhive. You can send the coins to the bitshares account bhive with your whaleshares.io post link and you will receive an vote reward. 100 BHIVE equals one full manna vote reward. Each coin is a one percent manna vote reward.

@bhive is the the Whaletoken for @bushkill. @bushkill is very involved in the Whaleshares realm with community and development contributions. It would not be surprising if you have come in contact with a Whaleshares creation he helped create. The State of the Witness Report, pEye Witness Protection. Mysteries of the "Bee Beard" are just a few examples of his involvement with the community. Visit https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses and vote @bushkill-witness if you would like to show support with a witness vote.

Thanks for being so great to the community @bushkill!

Do you have a Whale Token?

We are accepting WhaleToken donations to help sponsor this contest through football season. We would be very happy to spotlight you to grow awareness of who our witnesses are and the great community initiatives you bring.

Well, What Are You Waiting For?
Get Those Scores Ready!

Vote for your witnesses

In State of the Witness: lexiwitness #001, we touched upon the importance of Witnesses within the Whaleshares community.

You have 30 witness votes. Cast them with care.
To elect your witnesses, visit https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses

Visit the Official Whaleshares Discord channel and get in on the discussions at https://discord.gg/3pqBXKY


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Browns GIF Via Giphy
Training camp photo CC2.0 by Eric Drost Via flickr


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