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THE BEAST is Unleashed! A Community Engagement Challenge

lexiwitnessPosted 2 years ago for Everyone to comment on3 min read

My calendar says it's still the Eve of The Beast, but somewhere in the world you are many hours ahead in the day than I.


Is it nearly midnight where you are?

image source

Are you waiting with baited breath;
adrenaline flowing through your veins?

image source

Midnight is coming, my dearies

Are you lying in wait for the moment? Have you done your preparations?

Are you ready?

image source

Surprise! The Beast is unleashed a little early but only those who are tracking #thebeast tag have an early start and BONUS +5 comments added to the tracking sheet - but you only have until 7:30 PM Eastern Time TODAY, October 20, to do this task.

To take advantage of the TIME BONUS you must:

  • Take a screen shot of your Whaleshares account header and share it in comments below.
  • We must be able to read it!

Your challenge begins once your header is posted. If you do that right now, you've got a head start on achieving your comment count!



The screenshot is our record of your post/comment count, and for fun we also want to see how many followers you have and the number of people you are following.

for Challenge Rules & FAQ

🎃 🎃 🎃

Tracking Spreadsheet

Names of all participants are on the spreadsheet. If you signed up and don't see your name, just add your header screenshot below and we'll get your name added.

Wednesday, October 24 is the last day to sign up!

It's not too late to join!

We have commitments for prizes and/or @lexiwitness post support
from the following generous sponsors.

♥ ♥ ♥

PIXEL from @artwhale-witness
BHIVE from @bushkill-witness
WHALECOIN from @freedomexists
KRAZYKOIN from @krazykrista
POWERPICS from @powerpics

♥ ♥ ♥

Additionally, we are accumulating liquid WLS for a grand prize random drawing. Everyone who crosses the finish line will have an equal opportunity to win. More details will follow in a future post.
All digital awards will be distributed by November 15th in daily stages so we're not killing anyone's mana in a day and more prizes are pending.

List of current participants in alphabetical order

@afolwalex @ana-maria @brayden @chinyerevivian @derangedvisions @djoi @erodedthoughts @flemingfarm @gbindinazeez @iamtraveler @ifeoluwa88 @ijmmai @jessica-arias @julietisrael @kaliju @kantos @krazykrista @lexikon082 @lexiwitness @littlenewthings @machnbirdsparo @merej99 @mosun-omotunde @offoodandart @pandamama @powerpics @sammiegold @scorpinz @sonia @stevenwood @udezee @velaris @waybeyondpadthai @yomikibagami @yungchief


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