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The Beast CEC Curation List - the curated list of qualified posts from October 31

lexiwitness3 months ago5 min read

Welcome to The Beast CEC Curation List #12

October 31 - curation

The Community Engagement Challenge (CEC) will highlight the posts of our participants from a specific day during the challenge period. These are the curated posts which qualified by having a minimum of 300 words and photos which were properly cited.


This is the last of The Beast curation posts!

On October 31, 2018 at 23:59 AKDT (Alaska Time), we closed the door on the first Whaleshares Community Engagement Challenge (CEC). These are posts which passed minimum requirements of 300 words and properly cited photos.



Curated posts by #thebeast challengers who have met post requirements. Listed in no particular order.
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Listed below are the CEC Beast challengers who have finished a minimum of 7 qualifying posts and 500 comments

@chinyerevivian | @djoi | @erodedthoughts | @iamtraveler | @ifeoluwa88 | @ijmmai | @jznsamuel | @ksolymosi | @lexikon082 | @littlenewthings | @machnbirdsparo | @merej99 | @nolasco | @offoodandart | @pandamama | @reds-fallin | @sammiegold | @velaris | @waybeyondpadthai | @yomikibagami


With extra special thanks to our sponsors we are able to offer the following prizes to our SUPER BEAST champions!

Deranged Coin50

Distribution of prizes

With the sheer volume of people who participated in our very first Community Engagement Challenge on Whaleshares, we were a little nervous about approaching anyone for prize donations. Because of this, @lexikon082 and @merej99 have discussed how to be good stewards of someone else's mana.

Keeping this in mind as well as how quickly those BTS fees can add up, we made the collective decision to incorporate the following claim procedure.

  • DM @merej99 in Discord with the link(s) you wish to reward and which token(s) you wish to use.
  • We will reward the specified post(s) when/if the whales' mana is above 80%
  • If it is below 80%, we will wait until mana increases.
  • In the spirit of transparency, we are keeping a spreadsheet to track token use

edited to add

Deranged Coin will be transferred to your BTS account. Please DM @merej99 in Discord with your username.

If you are not familiar with how Whale Tokens work
please visit Whaleshares | FAQ



@afolwalex @ammy @blanchy @derangedvisions @flemingfarm @gbindinazeez @janine-ariane @jessica-arias @julietisrael @kaliju @krazykrista @momogrow @moonunit @mosun-omotunde @pangoli @scorpinz @stevenwood @vladivostok

This group had the minimum post count but didn't quite get to 7/500. We still want to recognize their efforts because the community really rallied to help but, you know, life gets in the way. There are no losers here!

Everyone on this list will be rewarded with 5 each of the following Whale Token

bHIVE | Hairshares | KrazyKoin | WhaleCoin

Distribution will be the same as the 7/500 group. Please DM @merej99 with a link to the post(s) & which token(s) you wish to use.


We have commitments for prizes and/or @lexiwitness post support

from the following generous sponsors.

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PIXEL from @artwhale-witness

BHIVE from @bushkill-witness


WHALECOIN from @freedomexists

KRAZYKOIN from @krazykrista



POWERPICS from @powerpics

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We've got one more surprise but you'll have to wait 'til the next post!



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