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How to Sign Up for the Community Engagement Challenge - Beast 2

lexiwitnesslast month4 min read

In case you didn't hear about it...

Beast 2 is almost here!

Know what you're committing to

Endearingly nicknamed "The Beast" by former participants, the Community Engagement Challenge was created to give newbies the fundamentals of creating good posts while fostering healthy community relations through meaningful engagement. The parameters are meant to push you; that's why it's called a challenge.

For details about the Community Engagement Challenge, read:

The Beast is Coming!

¡La Bestia 2 está llegando! en Español
COMING SOON: Dutch translation


Challenge Tiers (or Tears...)

Thanks to @erodedthoughts we have expanded the ten day challenge into a 14-day marathon with different tiers. Everyone starts off as a SAVAGE, but only the strong-willed and mightily determined will stay that way.


  • Minimum one post a day for 14 days
  • 700 comments in 14 days


  • 10 posts in 14 days
  • 600 comments in 14 days


  • 7 posts in 14 days
  • 500 comments in 14 days


Special thanks to @erodedthoughts, @lexikon82, and @merej99

The Beast coaches will be on assignment to make sure posts meet the minimum requirements and coach in best practices. This may include recommendations on tag use, optimized titles, how to properly cite sources. They will also help to engage in conversations to help everyone reach their comments goals.

erodedthoughts said it best


If you are interested in being a Beast coach, please contact @merej99 on Discord


This round we are including Spanish and Dutch translations. This is a stepping stone to include more languages for Beast 3 in May, 2019.

Special thanks to:

@kantos - Spanish translations
@anouk.nox for coordinating the @lit Team Dutch translation with @verhp11

Because of you, we are blazing into new territory and truly embracing our global audience one step at a time.



In alphabetical order, we give special thanks to our early sponsors

@bushkill-witness, @marshalllife, and @powerpics

Their donations will be used toward awards and/or to help support lexiwitness posts.

Community Engagement Challenge - The Beast

Begins January 18, 2019 at 8 PM Eastern
Ends February 1, 2019 at Midnight Pacific

Due to the expected volume of people who want to join this challenge, I am limiting the amount of signups to 50 people. Special consideration will be made to newbies and previous Beast winners.
This number may change depending on how many coaches are vetted, but 50 is the maximum that I can handle.

How to Join

  • Fill in this form
    If you wish to remain anonymous, please use a secondary hotmail, google, or protonmail account
  • Join The Beast Discord server
  • Leave this comment below: I AM A SAVAGE
    PLEASE NOTE: Resources and time are the main reason to limit the amount of people that we will officially track. We are committing ourselves to coaching them so they learn the best practices and pay-it-forward to their network of people. It's our diabolical way of training the next generation of Beast coaches. We encourage everyone to participate.

What's Next

  • Post Requirements and How to Beat The Beast
  • Proper Tag Use

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