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Verbaltech2 - BitShares Witness Report - Monthly Update

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Activities for December were typical. Deployed latest security patches to all nodes, including the testnet. The testnet update included new code for HTLC (Hashed Time Locked Contracts), a very interesting new feature to be released this year.

As I said last month I hope my posts will be useful to witnesses and others in the blockchain space. I'm not terribly optimistic about that though, as I just don't see many witnesses interested in discussing topics to improve the witness role, such as automation, metrics to measure performance, or what standards and conventions could be created to improve witnessing. I wrote last month about the resistance to adding version reporting, and nothing further has been added to it since my last post.

Something has changed that causes the bts_tools feeds to stop and the bts_tools process in the docker container can no longer be restarted so it connects to the cli_wallet. In the past I could alter the config.yaml file to change feed parameters, then restart bts_tools, uwsgi and related processes and the new parameters would be picked up. Not any more. Now the entire docker container must be restarted, which entails a blockchain replay that can take quite a long while.

The time between failures is unpredictable. I updated the MSSR for the CNY asset a few days ago and there's been no problems since then. I have begin looking into replacing bts_tools with a different feed script. I'm leaning towards @clockwork's javascript based version, but haven't ruled out using @zapata's python based program. @xeroc also has a python based feed script. Getting all the sources and feed parameters setup and become familiar with how the code works will take me some time. I hope to have it complete well before my next witness report.

As you can see from the graphs below I was able to resolve the hosting issue on my testnet node.

That's all for this month. Here is the market summary since last month (all prices via CMC): BTC=$3,757.86, BTS=$0.039, STEEM=$0.27, EOS=$2.65, PPY=$0.86. I'll list WLS when CMC does.



Gemany, node 1


Germany node 2




And the testnet server for BTS:


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