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Verbaltech2 - BitShares Witness Update

lets-share-waylzPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read


Welcome to my witness report update for the first quarter of 2019.

Lots going on in the world of crypto, but I'll keep this update brief and to the point.

All nodes were updated this past weekend to the new 3.0.0 release, including the testnet. Tgis release will mark the start of using a new version notation scheme, as well as the obvious indication of the first bump in major version number since October of 2015. That's right folks, BitShares 2.x has been in operation now for 3.5 years!

I would say BitShares is still undiscovered by the crypto crowd, but if you're reading this you probably already know that.

Aside from the jam packed 3.0 release, which includes support for HTLC (underlying tech for sidechains), the release also has a fix that allows dynamically changing MCR for price feeds. It is hoped that new price feed algorithms that adjust MCR (Minimum Collateral Ratio) will provide better control of BitAsset pegs. That remains to be seen.

On that point note that BitUSD is no longer in global settlement! Whew whoo! It is officially revived!

With the price of BTS currently enjoying a pump at nearly double the price it was in January, BEOS about to launch and all of the great discussions I've been reading in the DEV channel on Telegram, there is more reason for optimism than we've seen in many months.

That's all for now. Here is the market summary since last update (all prices via CMC): BTC=$4,778.88, BTS=$0.066, STEEM=$0.473, EOS=$4.85, PPY=$0.87. I'll list WLS when CMC does.



Gemany, node 1


Germany node 2




And the testnet server for BTS:


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