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Food and cats on the walk

leemoermanPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

Looking out my bathroom window

Chicken schnitzel and salad

Had a great lunch today - one of our favourite quick meals.

On our usual walk and saw these cats:

Posed for this photo

This one found a rock with a view

This one cosied up in his little house

And then I found this one of us transporting Zara to her new owner.

Zara on my mom's lap on the way to Mario

I really enjoy seeing all the cats on the walk - always so different and they really are interesting. They are all pretty settled in their homes and recognise us on the walks and sometimes follow us.

Looking forward to things being back to normal again, or close to normal, as part of me wonders if we will ever go back to being normal again.

In many ways, we have learned a lot over this time and to appreciate things that may not have meant anything to us before.

I believe we all have a better understanding of life and we enjoy the small things in life

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