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Doggy Holiday for Buddy

leemoermanPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

Doggy Holiday

We dropped off Buddy, our nearly 5 month year old Beagle puppy at the dog kennels as we are going away for one night to stay at a hotel in Paphos.

WhatsApp Image 20200803 at 16.27.40.jpeg

The kennels were 30min away from our house in the countryside and this was the 1st night we would be spending away from him since we got him.

We arrived at the kennels and were greeted by the lady who works there. She took us to the kennels where they keep all the dogs, which was a covered circular building with the dogs cages all facing one another as it's in a circle.

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His cage was very spacious and the inside nicely shaded with a dog house and the cage also led to an outside section he could go to if he wanted to be outside and in the sun.

We left him with lots of doggy treats and all his toys and we took off for our trip away.

Katia, my wife, was missing him and called the lady later on in the day to check up on him and she said he was so well behaved and was the only dog that would wait for her instructions on his walks outside the cage. We don't know how this is as he really is a little trouble maker with us and always misbehaves haha.

We picked him up this morning and he greeted us warmly wagging his tail and licking us... as well as peeing all over the floor from excitement.

WhatsApp Image 20200802 at 22.09.24 1.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20200802 at 22.09.24.jpeg

So the hound is now back home.
My photographs of the night away will be posted soon.

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