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Doggy door gate for Buddy - our beagle

leemoermanPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago

Doggy Door Gate

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So Katia and I bought a door gate as Buddy our beagle puppy is always running into the room super fast and jumps onto the bed and jumps on us.

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Did we get this wrong - seems like its to protect a baby - not us from our beagle?
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As you can imagine this is problematic with laptops on your lap or coffee in your hands.

So to prevent him from doing so we got this gate to stop him, which means we can leave the door open firstly so he can still see us and sit by the door so he won't be lonely.

Secondly so that we can keep open the door as it's super hot here in Cyprus at the moment.

Buddy was so funny when we locked him out he started trying to dig the ground thinking he could climb under.

We will still be letting him come onto the bed when he's not in his usual hyperactive mood

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