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A Storm is on it's way

leemoermanPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

photo_20210219 19.28.09.jpeg
A storm is on its way

photo_20210219 19.28.03.jpeg
Storm clouds building

photo_20210219 19.28.17.jpeg

photo_20210219 19.28.41.jpeg

photo_20210219 19.29.01.jpeg

photo_20210219 19.29.09.jpeg
Still clear on the "Sea" side

photo_20210219 19.29.33.jpeg
Here we clearly see the storm clouds

It wasn't as cold as we had expected as I went for a walk with my mother this afternoon but we could clearly see that a storm was brewing.

It rained a little but it seems the storm passed us by - came from the mountain side and when it reached the sea side is was not so bad.

The temperature today was 7 degrees so a lot colder for us but still not as cold as we could have expected.

We've hardly had a winter as the sun shone most days and brought a lot of warmth.

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