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[ANN] PalmPay Moscow Ambassador

kwaskoffPosted 2 years ago for Everyone to comment on

Hello, friends!
I very like BitShares, Steem, Golos, and Whaleshares. I really love Graphene and I want more.

PalmPay is payment system project use BitShares processing.
This one developing by @KenCode and his team.
I hope we are good partners and now I can introduce you that I am PalmPay ambassador at Moscow.

FinTechAssociation tests App for Android OS and make GitHub issues.
PalmPay App developed for merchants. And buyers need wallet app now for make payments to merchants.

@KenCode team (Agorise) developing wallet for buyers and it doesn't ready yet.

FinTechAssociation choice was Bituniverse App and it forked now and developing for people. This repository is without any license and I asked developer about this.

We hope you believe in DPoS technology and want use BitShares like we are.

Thank you for your support and voting!
president of FinTechAssociation,

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