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Rewards for Delegating to Me on Steemit!

kristyglasPosted to Public9 months ago3 min read


Hello everyone! Yesterday I joined a cool Whaleshares hangout on Discord and found out that a lot of people are powering down on Steemit. So I'm taking this opportunity to ask you guys to delegate to me instead of powering down!
But that's not all, of course you will receive a reward for that.

This is the link for delegating and undelegating. You need Steemconnect to use it :) My steemit username is @kristyglas

First of all my free page dividers that some of you probably know about are only available for Steemit. However, if you delegate a minimum of 50sp you can freely use them on Whaleshares. I plan to eventually bring them to whaleshares as well, so in around 2 months everyone will probably be allowed to use them. You can start using htme as soon as you delegate/pay ^^

An example

My favorite
You cannot use these on Whaleshares unless you delegate. Otherwise wait for a couple of months until I make them available!
If you don't want to wait or delegate, you can send 4STEEM/SBD to @kristyglas on Steemit with memo "page" or "page dividers". If you forget a memo just let me know afterwards. ^^


Secondly I'm giving away my photo collections to those who delegate 100 SP for a month or equivalent. I may choose to give you the reward at the end of delegation, middle or even start to those who I trust. These photos will never be free unless I giveaway to a few people. You may buy the photo collections for 9STEEEM/SBD (on Steemit) without delegating. Just use memo "photos". If you forget the memo just let me know, no biggie. Once you receive the photos you will be allowed to use them as you wish except resell them as pack as I do. You can use them in your posts without having to mention me or in your art or as your art reference. Please don't just post photos without anything else in the post :)
I will need a private way to send you the code for claiming the packs, like Discord or email!


Pack 1: Mostly Nature 1500+ photos

Pack 2: Mostly Manmade 1500+ photos

You will need an email to claim the packs.

Most of the photos were taken with Canon Powershot SX170 IS

The images are mostly unprocessed, (I have only removed or blurred recognizable faces and licence plates)


For 1 photo collection you need to delegate 100 SP for a month!
For the page dividers you need to delegate only 50SP for a month!
Equivalent values are allowed (more sp less time or vice versa) If you delegate for photo packs you're also allowed to use page dividers. :)

All of these photos were taken by me and page dividers drawn by me. Copyright @kristyglas.


Later today I'll make a post on Steemit giving away 3 accounts for Whaleshares.io. I have 34 Whaleshares left and I feel that's the best way to use them. Winner will make accounts and send me memos so I pay the fees :)

If you'd like to support what I do, please consider delegating any amount you can even for a short while! Much appreciated! ^-^

Thank you for checking out! Please remember artists take time and effort to make these things, so don't use without permission. Thank you!

Click here to Delegate 50 SP
Click here to Delegate 100 SP
Click here to Delegate 500 SP



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