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Random Games #2- Quilling 30 WLS Reward!!!

kristyglas6 months ago2 min read

Hello everyone! This time we have a more creative theme: quilling! Quilling is art made by gluing rolled strips of paper to make an image. This theme is inspired by my brother's artwork that you can see below:

Sharing with his permission ^^

Update: now its only 1 reward 30WLS instead of 2x 15.

You must make your own, new, original quilling for this contest! Old work that has been shared before is not accepted.

Plagiarism is not tolerated. (stealing art = mute)

Quilling is an awesome way to make greeting cards as well, very useful as it's holidays season soon :D You can search "quilling snow flakes" for some ideas.

The rules

• You must share photo of your entry in the comments.

• Quilling is very easy to get started with. You may buy or make your own paper strips. I recommend cutting strips thin and long, not more than 0.5cm wide so it's easier to glue.

• Smallest size of accepted entry is A5 paper. The art doesn't have to be big, just have fun :D

• If you want to color your strips yourself, it's easier to color the paper before cutting. You can also recycle magazines.

• You don't have to make a post, but it's in your interest to make one! Please use randomgames tag and share a link in the comments so I can find it.

• 100% original & new work!

• Deadline is this post's payout so 2 weeks! It's a bit more challenging theme so I want you guys to have enough time :)

• I will also upvote every entry :) (but not random comments)

• Sharing this post is optional, thank you if you do!

Rewards and Winners!

The winner will be randomly generated with a number generator. Don't worry about art skills ^^

Here is my old quilling project from highschool ^^

Copyright @kristyglas

Thank you for checking out and participating!!! Most importantly: have fun!


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