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Dragon Contest #10- To the Moon! 200WLS + 400 Tokens Prizepool!!!

kristyglasPosted to Public8 months ago4 min read

I really enjoyed the last contest, we have some really awesome and fun entries. Thank you all so much for participating! :heartpulse: :dragon: I did my best in combining the images xD I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do :D

Here are the entries for the last contest!

A shoutout to: @avtoledy @t1ntaliri @mzsnow @cherie @cryptomaniacsgr @nuthman ! You can click their names to check out their blogs ^_^

Dragon Contest #9- Special Edition! 200WLS + 200 Krazycoins+ 200 Derangedcoins Prizepool!!!





(I added 1 body and legs, to complete the dragons)

The winners!


Congratulations to @avtoledy & @mzsnow :D Please let me know your Bitshares account so I can send you your tokens. (Or you can pick a post you want voted on with those tokens)

Thank you to @backpackingmonk for generating the numbers on the Discord, in @moonbase channel :D
You can join here: https://discord.gg/UWkV2EH

*This time the theme is dedicated to @moonbase. ;) *

The theme: moon/night/space (The theme is open to interpretation.)

Deadline is this post's payout!

Update: the judge for contest #10 is @t1ntaliri ! :D

You can choose one or all keywords to make your dragon :D
I recommend making a post, but it's not required. Please leave the links to your entries in the comments below. I recommend using #dragons tag!

You can make art or write a story. Other creative crafts are also accepted. When I say any medium I mean you don't have to draw to enter :) If you make music you need to include a short visual description of the dragon, a couple of sentences is enough. Drawings are accepted, but you can do other things like: write a story, make a sculpture or 3D model, you can do embroidery or beads art, perler beads, amigurumi, long poetry, paper collage, origami is accepted, but if you are using someone else's model you must link the model source and make the origami personalized in some way, 3D origami is great for experimenting, felting is another cool craft. There are many more crafts, these are just the ones I can think of at the moment ^^ Do what you enjoy and have fun!!! Only original work please (preferably show 1 process image), you can do photo collage with your photos or public domain image sources. For public domain images you must provide source links.

The Rewards!

If anyone is interested to be the judge this or next time, just let me know in the comments or Discord. If no volunteers, I'll do the judging ^_^

• 100 WLS + 100 krazycoins + 100 derangedcoins picked by the judge
• 100 WLS + 100 krazycoins + 100 derangedcoins for a random winner

The sponsors!

A huge thank you to @krazykrista for sponsoring the krazycoins for this contest! <3
And another huge thank you to @derangedvisions for sponsoring the deranged coins!!! :D

Thank you very much to @erodedthoughts for sponsoring Wisdom tokens! 100 tokens are to be used per entry (once per user). I'm still catching up with previous token votes and I need to avoid draining the mana.

I'm sponsoring the WLS thank you all for the support ^_^

You don't have to share the post to participate in the contest, any share amount is appreciated. I'll continue making changes to the contest based on what seems to work the best. Our main goal is to have fun! If the rules are unclear, please leave a comment below! I'll do my best to explain ^^


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