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馃搮 Whaleshares Newsletter #4 (September 22, 2018)

krazywitness5 months ago4 min read

Whaleshares Newsletter

whaleshares.io mainnet is live

whaleshares.io is a Blockchain-Based Social Sharing Platform. The intial sharedrop claim period has come to an end. The free account creation is now available, this require manual approval and is not automatic. There is a second option to create automatically buy paying a 200 whaleshare fee for to be automatically approved.

鉁 New Account Creation option on Whaleshares.io - Instant Account Creation using signupwls on Bitshares
click here for details

Many of the WhaleTokens are ready to use to reward your posts! whaleshares.info has detailed instructions on how to use them, and includes which tokens are now LIVE. A special thank you to @bushkill-witness for making the information there available to the community, and a special shout-out to @alexpmorris for making the WhaleTokens come to life and work to bring value to the whaleshares space!

Excerpt from the Official Announcement

New Features and Development Update: We recently updated the profile feeds to sort your personal posts from those created by others that you have shared, We have added a WLS value to the MANA data in your wallet, and To help provide clear transparency of reward activity on the platform, we have added complete reward data ( % and WLS) to posts and comments.

View the most recent official announcement from the @whaleshares account for more information.

Whalepaper - 1st edition

Live Events

Every week in the Whaleshares Official Discord Server live events are held, I have listed the time and a description for each event below.

Promote your Post LIVE

馃搮 Sundays at 7PM EST
Hosted by: @freedomexists and @kotturinn

This show is a perfect way to network, share your post with the audience and support others by listening to them present their posts.

The Christian Curation Show

馃搮 Tuesdays at 3PM EST
Hosted by: @seyiodus with co-host @stevenmosoes

Join seyiodus and stevenmosoes as they gather with other christians to promote Christian based posts. As a Christian we know the word of God is our manual for life. So we come together under the umbrella of Flaming Helpers Curation Show to fellowship with our posts while learning from each other.

Whaleshares Hangout

馃搮 Tuesdays at 7PM EST
Hosted by:@powerpics and @krazykrista

Join powerpics and krazykrista every week for an hour long disscussion to hear whaleshares.io news and ask questions about the platform.


The Whaleshares Blue Report Show

馃搮 Thursdays at 7PM EST currently on hold
Hosted by: @freedomexists

The Whaleshares Blue Report will be a multi-layered show with lots of important, engaging and entertaining segments built in. Different Guests will join @freedomexists every week.


Fridays at 7PM EST
Hosted by: @chuckyfucky

Veni y promocionate! Hacete conocer ante la comunidad y comentanos quien sos!


A Small Taste of some if the Current Contests and Intiatives Taking Place on whaleshares.io

Join Whaleshares Official Discord:

For important updates and live events

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