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Update to my WhaleToken: KrazyKoin

krazywitness4 months ago2 min read


Update to my WhaleToken: KrazyKoin

I have disabled the market for KrazyKoin. This was partly in an effort to try to encourage people to obtain them and utilize them in the way that I created them for. Also as a way to due my part to stabilize the wls market, promoting people buying wls instead of whaletokens. There has also been chatter about whaletoken owners making considerable profits off of their tokens, as far as I could tell from peeking at the markets.


Reconsidering Sponsorship

I will also be reconsidering the amount of KrazyKoins that I am giving out during my weekly distributions. I made them for the community, but when I first started giving them out they were worth far less, with the inflation being so high 100 KrazyKoin currently gives 389.00 wls, the last sale of rudex.wls was 2.5 bts or $0.239, which means 100 Krazykoin gives a reward of around $92.00.

I will continue to support the communities, contests and individuals I already support, but will not be sponsoring any other projects at this time. I will reevaluate again within the next month.

Thanks in advance for your understanding


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