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Remove your Dead Witness Votes!

krazywitnessPosted 3 months ago for Everyone to comment on2 min read

Please, Please, Please

Remove Any and All Dead Witness Votes

Please check your witness votes, if a witness has been down for more than a week it is safe to assume they are not coming back. I don't care who you vote for, but make sure they are alive.

I need your help to make sure our top 20 witness list contains only those witnesses who are still interested in helping keep our blockchain running.

I will give a 200 wls tip to anyone who proves in the comments of this post that they are not voting for any witness who has been disabled for more 7 days.

To receive a tip simply provide a screenshot in the comments


  • Please make sure you profile image/name is visable in the screenshot.
  • Voting for my witness is not a requirement to receive a tip.
  • There is no end date for this offer, but I will honor this only once per unique user (not once per account, so don't try to be a shyster, but please do update any accounts you hold the keys to).
  • Tip will come from my personal account @krazykrista.
  • If a ton of people respond (which I hope they do, tell your friends) tip may be delayed up to a week.

Our witnesses have came together not once, but twice in the last 6 weeks and brought the blockchain back to life through coordinated efforts.
If you are reading this, thank a witness.

All known issues have been fixed and the blockchain should be stable now.
It is not always an easy task to find all the witnesses. If you are a whaleshares witness consider joining the official discord so I can add you to the witness room. Alternatively join our telegram so we can communicate there.

Please offer your support to witnesses. It is not my business who you vote for but please vote! If you are interested in running a whaleshares witness, we have a great group of witnesses that will welcome you.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue.

Always yours,


Have questions, concerns, ideas?!?! join the official discord or our telegram or reach out to my directly in either of those environments.


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