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krazywitness: the adventure continues

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Whaleshares.io had a birthday

On August 15th whaleshares.io turned 2 years old some of us (myself included) have been around its entire life, and many of us even longer. Some of the people reading this have only been around a short time, or maybe even a year or more, no matter how long you have been around....
together, we are ALL the community!

The last couple months have been intense around these parts, thank you to everyone who is still here anyways

My witness is still cranking out the blocks, and thanks to all you lovely humans, I am sitting pretty at #1 still. I fully intend to continue to help keep the blockchain stable for as long as the whaleshares blockchain exists. Whaleshares was never a short term project for me. It has been full of ups and downs, hellos and goodbyes, I would not trade the experience in. I think that we all built something great....together. I thank you all for continuing to let me be a part of it.

I want to have an open discussion about the two recent official announcements. Some people were frustrated that these posts were posted to friends only and therefore they could not be commented on. This was done purposely. With opensource happening there is no longer an official team. What that means is that no one person can give an official answer to any comments or concerns that may have appeared on the post.
Think of official posts as a newsletter rather than a discussion from this point forward.

Opensourced: Let's Build Together!

Update: Changes to the Frontend - Details Inside

It should be noted that no team does not mean that no one is "developing". There are still people who care about whaleshares working behind the scene individually and collaboratively to improve on the current front end and create new ONES

So let's have a discussion. I will post this to public so anyone can give their input. If you are aware of any bugs that currently exist, I will do my best to notify the correct humans to try to resolve them.

Thanks in Advance for your Contributions.

Yours truly,


Come visit me in Whaleshares Official Discord:

I'd love to meet you <3


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Please take a minute to jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to my username "krazywitness" and supply your private account or active key to lock in your vote.


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