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KrazyKoin is Ready to be Utilized!

krazywitness5 months ago3 min read


KrazyKoin is Ready to be Utilized!

I am uber happy to announce that KrazyKoin is ready to be used to reward your posts.

None of this would have been possible without: The brillance of @alexpmorris - Alex will forever be known as the one who made KrazyKoin function the way it was intended to. The encouragement and leadership of @officialfuzzy - Thank you for being my mentor, boss guy. The involvement and love from all of you - Thank you for always pushing me to be a better community leader, cheering me up when I am down, and allowing me to always be authentically me.

KrazyKoin is currently backed by 70,906 whalestake and gives a 100% reward of 22.14 wls

After months of waiting - Today is the Day!!

To use KrazyKoin:

  1. Login to your bitshares account.
  2. Go to Transfer/Send
  3. Send 1 krazykoin for every 1% reward
    (100% share requires 100 krazykoin)
  4. Send to krazykoin #1062917
  5. For the memo use the post you desire to reward.
    (whaleshares.io links only)

Setup the Transfer like This:


KrazyKoin Description:

This is a token that rewards people for random acts of kindness and for being active, encouraging and helpful in the community. These tokens are used to gain an upvote from the @krazywitness account on the Whaleshares Chain. These tokens trade on the Bitshares marketplace to give those who earn them the capability to use them for equal recognition or to trade with others who have earned. It is not the purpose of this token to be used for speculative value and no value is guarantee for said value.

KrazyKoin was intended to earned/won not purchased. However, if you do want to purchase it you can do so here, KrazyKoin Market.

I will be ready to be to start sponsoring contests soon, if you have a contest that needs support, feel free to reach out to me on Discord. I look forward to start to run lotteries again soon as well.

Thank you for stopping in.

krazywitness aka krazykrista

Find us on Discord, I love meeting new people!! Whaleshares Official Discord - https://discord.gg/3pqBXKY

✅ Every Vote Counts!

Please take a minute to jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to my username "krazywitness" and supply your private account or active key to lock in your vote.


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