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Challenge: Promote whaleshares.io on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - We Need Your Help! (Earn Liquid WLS)

krazywitness6 months ago2 min read


馃悑 Promoting whaleshares.io on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - We Need Your Help!

A marketing effort is underway and we need your help! In an effort to onboard new members and introduce people to whaleshares.io, we have decided to launch an initiative rewarding people in liquid wls for their participation in our social media marketing. If the initiative is successful we may continue to run it, or something like it for a couple weeks. Rules and Rewards may change depending on the participation and at the discretion of those who are sponsoring this initiative.

馃搷 Instructions to Participate

Step 1: promote whaleshares.io and/or it's bitcoin talk thread:
on one of the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Step 2: Use the following hashtags: #whaleshares #blockchain
#bitcointalk #bitshares #wls

Step 3: Add one of the following images as part of your promotion:




Step 5: Post a screenshot of your promotional efforts in the comments of this thread.

馃搩The Rules

Rule 1: Must promote whaleshares.io and/or this bitcointalk thread to be eligible for rewards.
Rule 2: Only promotion on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter will be considered as fulfilling the requirements.
Rule 3: Must use one of the provided images in your promotion effort.
Rule 4: Must provide proof via Screenshot in the comments of this post before midnight EST October 18,2018.
Rule 5: Accounts Spamming this post will not receive WLS

Notice: Rights reserved to add or modify rules

馃専 Rewards

The first 50 people who participate following ALL Rules will receive 2 Liquid WLS.
One entry per individual/whaleshares account!
Rewards will be paid out October 19, 2018.

Thank you in advance for your Participation!

This is a combined effort of @chuckyfucky, @nsfwizard, @jepu and myself. I would like to thank them for their input and helping to fund this initiative!

鉁 Every Vote Counts!

If you appreciate this intiative - Please take a minute to jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and consider casting your votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to our usernames "krazywitness" , "beyondbitcoincas" , "nsfwizard" , and "jepu" and supply your private account or active key to lock in your vote.


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