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I am now a validator for Incognito

krazykristaPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago3 min read


The Incognito project adds privacy mode to your cryptocurrency transactions and funds. Incognito is a blockchain project that focuses on privacy and has shielded 16 million dollars worth of crypto since it launched. The mainnet launched October 31st 2019.

A Validator is the same thing as a witness mostly. Validators on incognito are not voted in. The Incognito team holds 2/3 of the available spots on the shards. Instead of one chain, there is one chain that coordinates 8 subchains. Each subchain has 32 spots to assign randomly selected validators to. The nodes randomly earn rather than earning on a schedule (like they do here on whaleshares).

This is the first time I have ever recieved mail all the way from Vietnam and the package looks like it did indeed have a rough trip.

The outer box looks rough, but the inner box was in pristine condition, as were the contents. The node came with a power cable, various different plugs, so that it is compatible with any electrical outlet (worldwide), and an easily understood instruction manual.


This node (pnode) was actually gifted to me. The pnode costs $399 and shipping from Vietnam to Michigan was around $40. Mine arrived about a month after it was ordered. They (incognito) are releasing a node tree soon, so it may be worth your while to hold out for that. Once it arrives, it is surprisingly easy to set up and then requires very little (if any) maintenance. After you earn your first PRV, you can stake (provide) or trade it. I was also shocked that I do not hear the node running, we had a miner we ran before and it was super loud. It looks pretty sleek as well.


According to various internet sources, the pnode earns about 30 PRV per month (1 PRV is about $1.10 currently), it earns randomly, so this may vary, and costs about $0.08 per day to run. This is only true if you "borrow" (funded staking mechanism is the default) the PRV (from a pool) to fund the pnode. If you stake your own PRV (1750 required to run a pnode or a vnode) then the numbers will look different (higher ROI). I know a couple people who have done rather well for themselves with the project, but they started out far earlier than me. I figure it is never a bad idea to put my eggs in more than a couple baskets, diversifying in the wild crypto west is never a bad idea.

I am just starting out with the project, so if any of the above information is incorrect, do let me know.

I am excited to be apart of this project, and to help keep the network secure, much like I do here on whaleshares.

You can read more here or by following @incognito.

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