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'Tis the Season - Hot Cocoa

kotturinn3 months ago2 min read


27 days until the New Year!

Have you noticed that stores already started selling all that cheerful merch, trying to get all the money early, as always haha. The other day I was grabbing some stuff and noticed that they had candy canes at the register. Since I didn't really do any Christmas themed photo shoots last year (except some cookies) I thought I might as well use them for photographing drinks, so I got three :).


Little did I know that @alphawhale would beat me to hot minty cocoa with marshmallows, oh well. By they way, please kindly proceed over her to 'Tis the Season! post and share your Steem!
What if we all begin to post holiday pictures and have a little challenge? I think that would be fun.


I tried my very best to create holiday atmosphere shooting these photos, but it didn't occur to me until I sat down to edit them that I should have got my Christmas lights involved to get that sweet, sweet bokeh going. God damn it! I will just have to think of something else to shoot. Luckily, there's still plenty of time to get those out of the box haha.


Needless to say I had improvise in Photoshop to make up for the absense of Christmas lights, so I decided to use "brushes" to create something similar to . . . snow fall? I dunno what it is exactly, but I thought it turned decent :D.


The images were taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a Canon EF 24-105mm - F/4 lens.

artwork by @kookyan


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