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Despite the distance; Happy Birthday Brother.

kingblackPosted to Public5 months ago3 min read

My older brother was a couple of days ago, he currently has a month in Ecuador and was 2 years old in Colombia.

Since I was a child I have been his spouse, as if not to love him if he has always been for me even in the distance ... He has been my accomplice, he is my friend and a great brother!

But the thing is that it is not alone who is far away, my other brother and my niece are next to him ... How sad it is to have away the people you love, the men who have taught me so many things...

My brothers do not know my son, they have not been able to carry him, they have not played with him ... I could only carry my niece twice and she was a baby who barely entered my arms, a little thing so small that it caused me to eat it hahaha.


Memories, memories ... That's what I have, lots of happy memories with my brothers, how I miss fighting and dancing with Fer and telling Jhon hahahaha to laugh with them until he cries!

When you no longer have those people you love close to you, you really learn to value them, you realize that it means so much to you and that maybe you didn't show them as you should without knowing that at some point they would be so far from you ...

Value those who love very much, and demonstrate ... Always show love, love, everything, everything!

How much I would not give now to have them all together, they do not know the face of my mom and dad if they see them, my son would run away when he saw that trio of strangers hahahaha my nephew would scream like crazy and hang himself on the neck of each one unintentionally letting go ... My sister would wait for her to hug them And tell them: Stupid they took a long time, because she would be the accomplice And she wouldn't tell anyone ... And I, as sentimental and queen of the drama that I am then would cry lol and feel so much happiness that would not enter my chest ... I would be really happy.

I only ask God to join our families again, here ... There ... Wherever, but together! Here we are a dispersed family over thousands.

Happy Birthday my fat, I still owe you the kisses and hugs of this and the last birthdays ... But someday I will pay them!



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