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Let's Talk About Something Different...

keithboonePosted 6 months ago for Everyone to comment on

My city is full of deer. I swear there may be as many deer as there are cats and dogs. Here are some recent photos of a deer family taken on my street. When I take photos like these I always try to eliminate things like cars and houses, but these shots were taken in the middle of a city of 400,000+ people.


Above: Here's Bambi. Last week there were two fawns but unfortunately only one remains. I believe the other was probably killed by a car. Cars are the only "natural predators" for these deer.


Here's Mom... isn't she gorgeous?


Mom and baby together.


Showing some affection.


Finally, here's Papa. Possibly. The males don't hang around with the does and the fawns. I took this shot a couple of blocks away from where I saw the other deer.

All photos were taken by me, @keithboone with an Olympus E-M1 Mkii camera. Thanks for taking a look... Now everyone can go back to fighting or whatever you want to do.

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