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kallis2 months ago

If you can figure it out, you will realize that the most important things that is happening in your life right now is that you are alive.
Then I begin to think that if the most important thing in our life is being alive, then why do some people think of taking their lives when they have problem?


Then something came to my mind that...

If you have a problem, be it your business failed or a big time disappointment and you think or your mind says 'kill yourself',
Just close your eyes, your mouth and hold your nose with your two hands and be like that for about two minute, then you will hear your body whisper "let me live". So, you pull free right there. That period, you yourself understand that killing yourself is not the way out.
Why then did we always think of taking our life when we have problem or face challenges.
Have we ever think of this things? because life is nothing but a slap in the face,it is nothing but a fat rat race.


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