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Healthy DAILYFOODPHOTOGRAPHY - Wednesday Dinner - 70 WHALETOKEN Daily Prizes !! 馃嵈馃嵃馃惓馃

jznsamuelPosted to Publiclast year3 min read

Welcome to the 183rd edition of #dailyfoodphotography with lots of delicious whaletokens in prizes.

The meal plan for today is "Wednesday Dinner"! 馃崪馃崨馃馃オ馃嵃


As a new year has begun, #dailyfoodphotography wants to encourage healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet provides optimal nutrition and is important for our well-being. So in 2019, make a resolution to eat local food, consume natural ingredients, get all the essential nutrients from your food and stay healthy!

The #dailyfoodphotography is here to nurture healthy competition, spark delicious conversations and encourage people to not only eat healthy but to share their eating habits with us.

This is an initiative to discover food from around the world, and to share the meals that we consume daily with our other friends here on whaleshares. And in doing so, you stand a chance to win some awesome goodies.

Anyone is free to use the #dailyfoodphotography tag to share the different kind of food and meals that they eat.

For the purpose of tracking contestants, participants are encouraged to make a comment with their post link in the daily contest post 猬囷笍.

For full details about the contest and rules, read the announcement post -> DAILYFOODPHOTOGRAPHY - Announcing a Delicious Contest With Tasty WHALETOKEN Prizes !! 馃嵈馃嵃馃惓馃

Leaderboard #1.jpg

- 1st - 20 DBREAD (post is directly voted)
- 2nd - 20 MIDAS (post is directly voted)
- 3rd - 10 DBREAD (post is directly voted)
- Special prize - 20 EROTX (picked using random number generator & post is directly voted)

Leaderboard #1.jpg

The 181st edition of the contest saw interesting entries, which were an appetizing mix of extremely delicious food from across the world. The entrants have also received WLS upvotes on their entries.

This contest is all about having fun while we share our meals with each other on whaleshares, and I'm delighted to announce the winners of DAILYFOODPHOTOGRAPHY - Monday Breakfast & Tuesday Lunch below:

- 1st place to @svinsent for the delicious post and to @elena.hurtado for the delicious post.
- 2nd place to @elsiekjay for the mouthwatering post and to @cres for the mouthwatering post.
- 3rd place to @yousafharoonkhan for the tasty post and to @lizelle for the tasty post.
- Special EROTX prize to @gaeljosser for the yummy post and to @iyanpol12 for the yummy post.

Prizes have been delivered.

Have a great day 馃崿馃ェ

You have 1 day to submit your entries and see you in tomorrow's post for "Thursday Breakfast (or) Lunch"...

This contest is currently endorsed and sponsored by:

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