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Is this an Introduction?

justbeyondthePosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read
Isn't it funny how we find the things that change us?

One summer when I was about sixteen or seventeen I decided to get a job at the little gas station near my mom's cabin. I wound up living out there for the duration and in having the place mostly to myself during the week I had my first taste of a bachelors life. Meals consisted of bread, canned beans cooked over coals, and maybe some tinfoil wrapped potatoes. I still had luxuries like video games, my guitar, and bad music (lets pretend that the latter two are independent) but besides those things there was reading and skinny dipping by moonlight. There was a pile of books left by friends and family in the cabin and although most were unremarkable, there was one that took my breath away from binding to binding. It was a book by Robert James Waller named Just Beyond The Firelight. Although it is a book of stories and essays anyone who has enjoyed Waller's work knows each line he wrote was poetry. There was feeling within meaning as each word and combination seemed to be chosen in effortless agony and obviously I was taken.

Is this an introductory post? I don't know :D . But i do know i appreciate having your ear as i reminisced. I would be happy if you would you share with me something you completely stumbled upon that changed your life! One final thing that recently changed my life was meeting @poeticsnake ! I feel so snekkin lucky to have met her and i want to thank her for introducing and getting me started in Whaleshares! <3

Here is the link to the goodreads page for Robert James Waller's: Just Beyond the Firelight

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