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The news (Story)

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The news that hits the newspapers and television news has no care.

A famous philanthropist and his secretary have been found dead in the office of the former.

The first reports indicate that they were killed to steal money from them, but he knows that this is false, since he is guilty of their death.

He knew the man from childhood, they went to school and high school together and separated when they both went to different universities.

He met him again twenty years later, when he visited the company asking for a donation for the victims of a flood in a village.

They remembered old times and became closer.

Samuel was at the head of an organization whose mission was to help those in need, while he was the owner of a consortium of companies that invoiced millions in different fields and needed to lower taxes by making donations, so that as the fish is looking for the hook, they were caught in that exchange.

A decade has passed and in that time, his friend has gone from being the director of the NGO to owning a fortune they attribute to businesses that buy and sell articles and that the most believers see as a divine retribution for their years of work for others.

This change to him, who is not so much a believer or an illusion, but a whole shark in business, did not seem normal to him, not so much because of fortune but because of the worldly pleasures that his friend was accustomed to doing, which is why he hired the best researcher to follow Samuel's cash flow.

It didn't take long to find out, the man had no scruples to hide anything, the method was simple, he stole part of the donations and made up the delivery of them, for that he had an accomplice, his secretary who at the same time acted as an accountant.

He is not a saint, in fact no one who must face predators for whom money is life is. He must mimic himself and be part of that unscrupulous jungle for whom there are only people who are rivals or associates, and both agree to the circumstance in one place or another at some time in life.

Economic power has served to destroy rivals, buy companies, liquidate products and thousands of other tricks that left collateral damage that tried to minimize but is impossible to invisibilize.

He arrived there from below, with work and skill, with small help that he still appreciates and that he has more than paid for, but always avoiding stepping on those who are at the base of the pyramid, because these are the true architects of the triumph of any company and the perfect targets of the abuse of all.

Their employees are the best paid and cared for and also the most loyal of the conglomerate of companies that make life in the city and the country, but their name is not associated with this because their policy is not oriented to personalism but to group recognition where each step has its merits and working together is paramount.

It is somewhat romantic with this and it was the skinny side that his friend found to take advantage of him and obtain recognitions and benefits that did not belong to him.

The exchange of aid to the helpless by anonymity was perfect so that man, who time had transformed into another unknown being, could swindle him in the name of philanthropy.

He was not the first to do so, but no one had used the needs of others for that, so he decided to take revenge and get him out of the way.

He called him with the usual camaraderie, even though the rage pierced his heart, and offered him a large sum of money to donate to the survivors of a typhoon in the Polynesian islands.

He knew that these donations were difficult to track and quantify, so they were a safe prey for those who wanted to steal them, a perfect hook for the gluttonous fish that by its gluttony would only see the bait but not the device that would be hooked on its palate.

He put only one condition on it, nobody should know, it would not appear anywhere as a fact, so he had to send his secretary to remove it, as this donation would be in cash.

In the afternoon, the punctual man, as an English gentleman, appeared in his office and he in a sealed and sealed envelope gave him the large sum of money.

He asked him, using reverse psychology, not to be opened by anyone, but sent in the same way as it was delivered and given to the organization in charge of distributing aid on the island.

Just as he imagined the plan worked perfectly and the news corroborates it.

The money that was inside the envelope was impregnated with a powerful poison that would effect the contact with the skin.



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