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joseph1956Posted to Friends8 months ago4 min read



I was reading the @profanereviews post called "No benefit to Whaleshares? And it reminded me of some things that have happened in the last few months that marked my stay at the site.

Everyone knows my mother tongue is Spanish and it was through an invitation from a friend in that language that I ended up here.

I was away from steemit for a long time because it seemed to me that the main idea of it ended up being profaned and because of some problems that seemed ridiculous to me because they limited people's knowledge, for example I was penalized several times for writing in several languages and even threatened by a whale to ban my account. In the end everything became aggressive and that disturbed the purpose of sharing there, which was above all, to be happy.

In the end I came to write, share, interact and have a good time, there were no economic interests, even though the situation in my country is extreme.

I came to forget a little about that day to day that we live in my country in which even eating becomes an adventure. Our current quality of life is worse than that of some animal in a bad zoo, for that reason I understand that many compatriots have been looking for a vein of money in the place and have gone to not find it, but as a Christian I reproach them the fact that to achieve such an end they must do the wrong things, violating local rules or moral principles.

I began my interaction with the English-speaking community very timidly, since I was not sure if I'd go through steemit again and it's @snug who breaks my fears by inviting me to participate in the discord group "You got Snekked", where I keep going despite the fact that due to electrical downturns my PC has no sound or microphone, in other words I only write.

I also ventured to be in the English speaking competitions and I was cultivating friendships in a language that is not easy for me but that has served me to meet many people from several continents and where I have been accepted even though my English is not perfect.

I must in this thank @merej99 who has been my fairy godmother in the place with her advice when I have had some doubt. Also to @mandelsage who placed me as leader of the Portuguese community in LIT, a project that has been uphill to achieve it, by various factors but is still there latent and I hope someday to achieve that we also have users of other languages in Whaleshares.

The changes came here and as a deja vu of what happened in steemit made me want to run and leave the platform, but my fairy godmother, with her advice, managed to make me understand that storms pass and in the end those of us who are for other reasons have to get out of everything.

So I stayed, I ignored, even the one who invited me here, who left because this was no longer useful, in his words, I understand that money is important to him, and I continue to share with those who have continued to read to me, who I also read to, still trying to adapt to the changes but happy to have this window open to forget the many problems that are worsening in my country and in my personal environment.

It is not easy to live without electricity for up to 12 hours a day. For a month rudex does not open me, I do not know what I will use the WLS that I am accumulating because with the prices of the current crypto are something like symbolic, but beyond all this I am happy, the place has become more human, family and quiet and those who have the power to share their money do it joyfully.

"God rewards the cheerful giver" so I also share what they give me, which I do not see as alms, as I have seen many qualify, but as a valorization of my work.

We still need to become independent of bitshares or rudex, to find a way to exchange our currency and give it value, is a pending task for developers.


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