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Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinzh launches in Europe

jokerPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

For many newcomers, the crypto market starts with Bitcoin. As experience grows, they become more and more focused on the rest of the pack – altcoins. Coinzh, a global cryptocurrency exchange with roots in Hong Kong, is where your journey of discovering them may well begin.

The exchange was founded in March 2020 and is now headquartered in London. It enables trading over 100 cryptocurrencies, big and small, which makes it one of the most comprehensive exchanges in the world. But it’s not only about the wide range of cryptos available for trading, but also about the ways of making the trades.

In addition to common order types like limit and market orders, the platform supports more advanced order types such as batch orders and conditional orders (for example, Post Only, Stop Loss & Take Profit, One Cancels Other). With these, you can devise and fine-tune your trading strategies, no matter how simple or sophisticated they might be.

Algorithmic traders will enjoy the fast and efficient API that Coinzh supplies. Now you can build your own trading bots and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities that the crypto market offers in abundance.

The platform charges one of the lowest trading fees among cryptocurrency exchanges. Deposits are free of charge, and you only pay the minimal withdrawal fee (also one of the lowest across the board) or no withdrawal fee at all (depends on a cryptocurrency).

Modern exchanges can be way too complex and confusing, with lots of elements and options that can easily get in the way. Coinzh features a polished and clear interface that streamlines and improves user experience. Whether you are an inexperienced user or a veteran trader, you will remain focused on your trades and not on how to make them.

The lack of security can instantly make all the benefits and advantages of an exchange worthless. That’s why Coinzh places special emphasis on offering industry-grade security. To protect your account, you can whitelist withdrawal addresses, enable 2FA, turn on SMS and email confirmations.

And should you run into any problems or just happen to have questions, the multilingual help desk is available 24/7 to help you out.

Come try it out and see what Coinzh has to offer!

Website: https://coinzh.com/
Business Contacts: [email protected]
Support Center: [email protected]

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