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joey-fancyPosted 2 years ago for Everyone to comment on5 min read

Ok, it looks like I'm starting off with a nonsensical title, now to explain...

Years ago now, I decided to make a series of videos talking about video games, comics, and science fiction, and I originally was going to call this UNIMULTIVERSE OVERVIEW, later settling on UNIMULTIVERSE ARCHIVES.
The main gimmick was when ever possible I would focus on what story concepts were being presented, and looking for other media with similar concepts that (if treated as a parallel universe) could further explain or expand such concepts.
Example: Perhaps a theory about parallel universes presented in Stargate SG-1 could explain some strange usage of time paradoxes in Star Trek.
Well the videos deviated from the concept quite often, or perhaps under used it... still I ended up with a series of videos.

I intended to group some videos and make a Volume 1, and then with the remaining videos, continue to make newer videos to be grouped as a Volume 2 and so on... but I was slower to make videos (slower than I had planned) and never quite finished volume 1...

I based the idea around grouping the videos in playlists, and I decided to have one big playlist that included older videos that I made long before I started the UNIMULTIVERSE ARCHIVES, other videos that could be loosely connected by having content related to Videos Games, Comics, or Science Fiction and Fantasy... but if I was going to do that, I should also set aside some newer videos that (more closely) fit the UNIMULTIVERSE ARCHIVES concept. Thus I would have a mix of videos that I felt could work as an example of what I plan to make in the future... so I started organizing a Volume (zero) 0 with videos like one where I unbox a Retro Freak video game console with the intention to revisit the device and look at it more closely later.

In my old YouTube playlist, the Retro Freak video wasn't first on the play list, it's actually preceded by an other video where I try some video game energy drinks...

That video also happens to be the 1st video I ever posted to DTube and Steemit. https://steemit.com/joey-fancy/@joey-fancy/dc6zdm3f

I had planned to make an other (newer) video to precede the Video Game Energy drink video in playlists, but that video has not yet been edited.
Getting back to the above mentioned Retro Freak video, and it was the 1st video in the UniMultiVerse Archives series that I uploaded to BitChute

and it is also on https://steemit.com/retro/@joey-fancy/7rmkyyzf Steemit and DTube.

That very same playlist does include some videos that are little more than what you might expect to see on Instagram, except not posted to Instagram, posted to YouTube and other video hosting locations.

Currently next on the list is a video where I take a quick look at a flash cartridge for the Sega Genesis...

Also posted to Steemit and DTube https://steemit.com/sega/@joey-fancy/s543rrm3 and also https://www.bitchute.com/video/QvyE3r7iAWrX/ BitChute!

OK, I'm not going to mention every video here, but talking about my volume zero videos, perhaps the next one I should jump to is this one, about the Retro-bit Generations! That one is a video made to set the tone for future videos.

That video is also one I uploaded to BitChute

perhaps my attempt to be neutral and let the viewer develop their own opinion of the Retro-bit Generations comes off too positive given this device's flaws, but the device does have lot's of interesting things to talk about.

I'm not going to include every video I ever made here, just some examples of what I have done... so how about two unboxing videos, one a Star Trek Enterprise Phase Pistol with communicator, and the other a Ghostbusters Proton Pack!

The YouTube version will embed in this article, but it can be viewed other places https://steemit.com/star/@joey-fancy/45mtrrlg such as Steemit where the DTube version may have expired by now, but the BitChute version should still play! https://www.bitchute.com/video/fjfOPgGEPWx1/
The Phase Pistol video was recorded a longer time ago in 2015 and then edited more recently, the Proton Pack video was recorded in 2017 and then edited in 2018.

and it is also on https://steemit.com/ghostbusters/@joey-fancy/9dxxabjo Steemit with DTube and https://www.bitchute.com/video/xezfW07v7qjI/ BitChute.

When I first started (making the UniMultiVerse Archive videos) I wanted to make a relatively quick video, I picked the name UNIMULTIVERSE BITS for videos with a shorter format than what I planned for when I first came up with the original idea for UNIMULTIVERSE OVERVIEW. So I started with a video trying to find things of interest in an old catalog of ATARI games from 1982.

This was one of the videos I planned to group as part of Volume 1, for that volume I wanted to have a mix of videos about various subjects, including Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, various old video games such as Atari Pong and Coleco Telstar, and games for old systems like Atari 2600, Coleco Vision, and Sega consoles. All volumes would have a mix of content, but Volume 2 would focus more heavily on Nintendo and Sega.

I've been slow to edit many of the videos that I had planned, and every time I get a bunch done, something new slows me down for a while... still I have quite a few videos set aside for Volumes 0 and 1... and plenty more half-made videos... and even more videos planned.

Anyway, this is an example of some of my videos that I've grouped in my UNIMULTIVERSE ARCHIVES, if anything looks interesting feel free to check it out, and feel free to look for more in the future, I might be slow to get them made, and I might not always be happy with my quality control, but I haven't stopped making these videos.

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