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The Art of Working Together

joechiappetta24 days ago


We all have a number of roles in this life. Some duties on a team are more desirable than others. Yet not everyone can be the boss. Nor can everyone be the movie star. Some have to serve the food, drive the bus, clean the toilet, etc.

Just like in the drawing I created, the burdens that some people carry are heavier than others. Working well with other people in various responsibilities is a skill that takes time to learn, especially when your job appears to be harder than that of the others. Reading about cooperation and unity in a book can be helpful. Yet there is nothing so educational and transformative as actually giving up part of yourself and carrying the burdens of each other in a group. From a lifetime of working together with people in various capacities, both professionally and personally, I have learned the value of diplomacy, patience, hard work, humility, unity, and countless other essential life qualities.

Joe Chiappetta


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