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Silly Daddy Likeness

joechiappetta28 days ago


Here is some artsy animated river-baby action, with a touch of poetic parenting symbolism.

A toddler says to a little girl who looks very similar to herself, "I am big sister. You are little sister."

The mother replies, "That's just your reflection," as she and her daughter sit pleasantly looking out into the river from the sandy shore.

This cartoon features my wife and youngest daughter. I drew this from life along the Des Plaines River in Riverside, Illinois at a nice spot where the family liked to pick seashells along the shore. I thank God for my family and where God has always planted us along a river by a stream bearing fruit.

The original landscape drawing with mother and daughter is an ink pen and watercolor painting on 11" x 8.5" paper. That painting was then animated with word balloons and other filter and editing tricks using the GIMP program.

This digital animated comic is issued in a limited edition of 10 pieces of rare digital art on MakersPlace. There you can buy it with Ethereum or a credit card.

Joe Chiappetta


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