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Know Your Address

joechiappetta17 days ago2 min read


Misunderstanding, as a concept, is a recurring theme in my Silly Daddy Comics. That's probably because mixed signals between people will often make for such funny scenarios. While the particular details may change, such misaligned conversations between the generations have existed throughout time. In this case, the newness of cryptocurrency and rare digital art concepts may take a little time to be fully absorbed by the culture across all generations. In the meantime, we will still have to keep track of all our addresses--one way or another.

To give some background about the creation process of this art, I drew this digital comic fairly quickly on a touch screen computer. Then I colored it, animated it, and left its GIF motion file running on the computer for my two youngest kids to see. They are both teens... and they both agree that this art is really cool. Plus my wife said the comic was funny even before I added the animation. Therefore I am declaring this art to be a big success--because that's what we do in this generation.

You can buy this rare digital art on the SuperRare marketplace here:
It is an experimental motion comic issued in a very limited edition of only 1 issuance, meaning only 1 person can ever own this crypto-collectible animation at any given time.

Joe Chiappetta


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