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Giving Away 300 Liquid WLS and 500 MIDAS in Prizes!! | Random Giveaway #3

jepu21 days ago2 min read


  1. This week I've decided to increase the prizes pool to 300 Liquid WLS.
  2. Each week I may (or may not) introduce a new mechanic to the rules, so remember to read the rules!

📝 Mechanics

The mechanics are very simple so everyone has a chance to win, Just choose a number tag two or more persons and thats it!

Attention: Any violation of the rules will result in an automatic disqualification.

Sample Entry:
64 @person-1 @person-2

🏆 Prizes

I've also updated the prizes so that more people have a chance of winning!
Round 1 Winner: 120 WLS AND 200 MIDAS Tokens
Round 2 Winner: 80 WLS AND 120 MIDAS Tokens
Round 3 Winner: 50 WLS AND 100 MIDAS Tokens
Round 4 Winner: 35 WLS AND 50 MIDAS Tokens
Round 5 Winner: 15 WLS AND 30 MIDAS Tokens

I will choose the winner next monday Febuary 4 (GMT+8).

Good luck

✊ Midas

If you haven't heard of Midas or don't know how to use them, you can check out this post.


👨 To learn more about me and why I ran for witness check out this post.

If you think I deserve your vote, please head over to the Witness page and click on the (^) right next to my name "jepu".

As always thanks for reading and see you in the next one,


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