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HF4 a New Change has Started

jenzy-wlsPosted to Public3 months ago2 min read

It's October 20, the most awaited change everybody waited on whaleshares. HF4, had just started, a change that maybe will change every users' life in whaleshares. We have many choices to make and one of this is ADAPTING the process.Like if anyone will do continue learning and studying the process of HF4. How it could help us and what are the things we need to learn more for the future.Knowing each Pros and Cons of HF4.

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Learning about Tip

Sad to say Curation Rewards and Mana has gone. A new Era of TIP has just started as I've seen on my Wallet,Status and also under each post and also can be seen on each Users' Profile on the left side of the Follow.As i observe you can earn Your TIP from others who will TIP you from daily rewards,you can also earn it by sending your Whaleshares token and make it as your TIP.But the disadvantage of this if your new and how you TIP others so they will also send TIP on you. You still need to earn more TIP for you also to use it for friends.

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I don't know yet if we are on the right track or maybe we just need to adapt the fast pace of change in here and in daily life.
I maybe say if we continue good luck on us all...🌹
Wishing all a Blessed Life... ✨✨✨

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