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How was christmas?

janine-arianePosted for Everyone to comment on, last year

Here wat aten too much, we drunk to much, we had lots of Fun, and I cooked enough for thé whole village.
Start with three kind of patè and jams
Soup of sweet potatoes and pine pips
Venison stew
Filled porkfiled with cream and a Crust of pistache nuts
Duckfillet with orange saus
Roast potatoes
Potatoes puree with truffel
Roast califlower with nutmeg sauce
Chicorei with ham and cheese in thé oven
Baked Apples and cranberrys
Stewed pear in redwine
English fruitcake and cream
And a cheese platter

We ate of it christmas day and Will eat it for thé coming days. They can roll me ...

We got loads of goodies and gave a lot of goodies
I am a happy and Lucky person.

This second christmas day is always a bit more sad, because my mum died on this day in 2013, she lived with us on that moment, and that overwelm me a bit... But wine helps 😉

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