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And another try

janine-arianePosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

I really lost my drive totally.
I normally have stuff enough to talk about, but I like it to be uplifting, and the last years my spiral goes downwards.
I am becoming an old sour woman. I fight against it, but I miss the drive to get in gear.
I would love to find a new job, but do not get my self in order to write a good cv, or to go to a sollicitation.

I feel like the whole world is gone crazy. Corona offcourse was or is the first issue, the against and pro vaccination people, the people who you thought thought the same as you, are the ppossite, and people even unfriend you for your choises. I am so puzzeled by it, and start wondering if i am not thinking wrong.
And than the community with all its changes, some say for the good some for the bad, and I thought to have an opinion, but can not word it any more. A girl is no girl untill she said she is a girl and for a boy the same, I love a folklorish amount of people, and embrace everyone on a party. But I can see if someone is a girl or a boy, I am not crazy.

My head is full of chaos and I do not know how to get it cleared up anymore.
I wish to win the lottery buy a nice house xtra in Crete, and go and sit on the beach for a few hours.
Do not take me wrong I do count my blessings and reconize it as being happy. But I am so dam puzzeled with my self.

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