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(JaiChai) First-hand experience with Hive.blog's Gang-Downvoting

jaichaiPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago4 min read


[Even though there's probably nothing I can do about the situation, I am submitting this to inform others and for my own edification.]

I posted this question to the Hive.blog community:

"Is there any process to stop a group downvoting vendetta being waged by galenkp on me?"

There were a few private responses, no public replies and zero clear answers.

TLDR version:

A little over 6 months ago, galenkp with his many "mirror/shadow" accounts and gang of loyal reprobates decided that my posting behavior and self-voting, although not against any platform rules, needed to be "fixed".

To clarify, in spite of the fact that no written platform regulation (or limiting algorithm) exists that regulates max posts per day on Hive.blog - just a specified time delay between posts and the normal HP requirement, acting as Hive.blog's Nazi Hit team, galenkp and other longstanding account assassins like spaminator et.al. started neutralizing my upvotes/rewards with their accumulated downvoting.

I do not have the massive HP that galenkp possesses and simply can't fathom why my puny self-vote is such a big deal; especially since the platform proclaims that self-voting is not prohibited.

As for upvoting others, I have several Hive Bloggers being continually auto-upvoted by me everytime they post.

Foolishly, instead of acquiescing to galenkp and curtailing my activity, I did the opposite; posting as much as I could within 24 hrs., distinctly high-lighting the absurdity of the situation and it's ridiculous cast of shady characters.

Galenkp retaliated by enlisting more of his buddies and the growing downvoting pack commenced to attack all of my posts.

I have been a Hive blogger since its inception and have NEVER DOWNVOTED a fellow Hive blogger.

Azircon stepped in and ordered me to stop posting for a week or have my 60+ reputation downgraded to -3.

Even though I questioned his authority to make such an edict, I was tired of all the drama and complied.

After more than two weeks of non-posting, I returned.

I submitted no more than two posts per day with no self-voting.

I continued to upvote the posts of authors who upvoted mine, plus those on my usual auto-vote list.

But to this day, the downvoting by galenkp and his buddies continues to plague all my posts; instantly negating the majority of upvotes and whatever meager rewards I receive from other Hive bloggers courageous enough to keep upvoting my content.

I say "courageous" because many of my usual upvoting friends are no more.

Some felt bad and offered their sincere apologies (privately, of course).

They were honest with me and said they feared being "guilty by association" and simply couldn't afford to suffer my same fate; that is, a reprisal from the Hive.blog Nazi Hit team.

I don't know of any mechanism or official recourse that can stop this persistent, malicious and vindictive behavior.

I post on many other platforms and Hive.blog is the only one where I am being intentionally targeted for gang downvoting.

I suspect that galenkp and his tribe would be overjoyed if I just gave up and left the Hive.blog platform altogether.

That's exactly why I'm staying.

The post scheduling feature of Peaked.com makes it easy to be a stubbornly persistent, annoying , downvote manna-consuming pimple on the a$ of every member of Hive.blog's Nazi Hit Squad.

Going forward, I'm curious to see what, if anything, results from posting this information.

Surely, I can't be the only one that galenkp has done this to?

The silver lining coming out of this unfortunate injustice was that it prompted me to search and to find several non-toxic, non-hypocritical platforms populated with friendly and supportive members, like Blurt, Deso/diamonds, Whaleshares, Taku, floyx and many NFT social media marketplaces.

In other words, being "Persona Non-Gratis" on Hive.blog has become a trivial non-issue.

Whatever I thought I lost is eclipsed by what I've gained from the new platforms.

Parting Shot:

TBH, Hive.blog reminds me of the now defunct Uptrennd and weku platforms right before they died from their accumulated, self-inflicted wounds.

And similar to them, I clearly see the Sword of Damocles hovering over Hive.blog., inching closer and closer...

Submitted FYI.

May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

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