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(Jaichai) "Codename: Chiero Roxa" - Original Fiction and Digital Art

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"Codename: Chiero Roxa"

[From the "Scoville Heat, Inc." series of short stories and listed in the "Scoville Heat, Inc." NFT Collections on OpenSea and Curate.]


Everything depicted in this story is fictional and solely the product of the artist/author's imagination.

Any resemblance to an actual event or to a specific person is purely coincidental.

"Codename: Chiero Roxa"

The operative now known as "Chiero Roxa", Scoville Heat, Inc.,* is a second generation Croatian-American from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Billionaire Raymond Kohl met Chiero through her older sister, an operative from "The Pool"**, Codename: Ms. Jedan.

As soon as she could walk, Chiero began learning how to shoot, track and survive in the dangerous swamps of Louisiana.

By the time she was 11 y/o, she was an expert marksman, hunter and survivalist.

When she was 14 y/o, three prisoners escaped from the Avoyelles Correctional Center.

After the prisoners evaded capture for 48+ hrs., the Sheriff needed more manpower and asked for local volunteers to aid in the search.

Chiero was too young to officially be deputized, so she decided to secretly conducted her own search.

Five hours later, she found the escapees and led four deputies to a shack located deep in the Louisiana wetlands where the three escaped prisoners had been holed up.

Two of them were apprehended by the deputies and the third one was caught trying to run away in one of the animal snares Chiero had rigged around the shack before getting the deputies.

When asked later how she found the prisoners when others couldn't, she said, "When they tried to brush over their tracks, they disrupted a lot of established ant trails, plus I could smell the two cigarette smokers from a mile away."

As soon as she turned 18 y/o, instead of joining the army, she accepted Raymond's job offer at Scoville Heat, Inc.

[Submitted for your entertainment. Enjoy the Original Art.]

May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

*For more about Scoville Heat, Inc., see:


**The Security Detail - known as "The Pool" to its members and insiders, is an elite group of highly trained and fiercely loyal bodyguards, combat survival instructors and covert operatives - all under the guise of being an ordinary Executive Secretary.

The "Codename: Chiero Roxa" OpenSea NFT is available at:


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