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(Jaichai) "Codename: Bhut Jolokia" - "Scoville Heat, Inc." Collection

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"Codename: Bhut Jolokia"

The woman now known as the Scoville Heat, Inc. operative "Ghost Pepper" (aka "Bhut Jolokia") had been wrongly imprisoned for 14+ months before billionaire Raymond Kohl heard about it and immediately launched a rescue mission...


[31 January 2023]

It was a very special day for the three University of Florida, Gainesville students.

Bhut Jolokia and her two friends "Jen" and "Ted" (Jen's boyfriend), had successfully completed their junior year and we're now officially on the Seniors Student Roster for the upcoming school year cum "Graduating Class of '24"!

To celebrate their success, they wanted to reward themselves by finally checking-off something high on their bucket lists since their freshman year; specifically, to "Take a sight-seeing mini-vacation travelling the exotic countryside of Northern India. Explore and experience the famous sites, as well as any hidden gems discovered along the way.'

For three years, the item stubbornly remained an unchecked, unfullfilled, open issue and had become a long succession of disappointing "false starts" and "dry runs".

Gathering and completing everything needed for international travel isn't easy, nor cheap.

It takes time, effort and attention to detail.

One misspelled name, wrong date, place or time can send you back to square one.

Time after time, they'd put in the hard work, be completely prepared for the trip and just hours before take-off and suddenly, something or someone forces them to nix their flight; adding another "close, but no cigar" experience to their personal life logs.

But the slew of "false starts" and "dry runs" had an unforeseen benefit: a steady increase of competency.

Each dry run made the next prep faster and easier.

And after years of seemingly fruitless rehearsals, they became experts of the process.

That's how they managed to land in India just two days after the junior year ended!

Ecstatic to be feet-dry and stoked about what they planned for the coming week made sleeping that night impossible.

All night drinking and dancing followed by a full day of shopping for trinkets to mail home had no effect. The sun was setting on day #2 and they were still wide awake.

By 11pm, the moderately drunk trio grew tired of "stressing over not being tired"!

After checking the time on their cels, they looked at each other, rolled their eyes, smiled and shrugged.

And just like that, they quit worrying, adopted an "Oh well, f*ck it!" attitude and kept partying through that night too.

It took over 62 hrs. of being awake and constant motion for the euphoria to wane and sleep was possible.

Ms. Jolokia slept on the couch, allowing Jen and Ted to the comfort of the bed and privacy of the suite's one bedroom.

Five minutes later, it was obvious that the kind gesture, the bed and privacy were totally wasted on a couple like Jen and Ted.

The cacophony of high volume sounds emanating from the bedroom kept Bhut awake and caused the couch to vibrate, sway and hop.

The "klik" and "klak" of the couch legs landing on the tiled floor was starting to grate on her nerves.

But that was nothing compared to the repetitive audio of Ted, then Jen, then back to Ted again...laughing, moaning, meowing, barking, squealing, sighing, grunting, giggling, gagging, gargling and gasping.

Furthermore, the DYI radio porn was set against a background of heavy"thuds", "fingernails raking across a chalkboard", metal to metal scraping, glass shattering and selected pieces from Handel's "Messiah" and Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro".

With no rest breaks, Jen and Ted rinsed and repeated, for an aggravating, but moderately impressive, 1 hr. 46 min.

[Personally, after the 1hr. 45 min. mark, I would've stubbornly gritted it out past the 2 hr. threshold . But that's just me...]

The abrupt silence indicated that Jen, Ted or both were now satiated, or asleep, or incapacitated - whichever/whoever came first.

Then Jen and Ted did something supremely stupid.

After they were certain Bhut was sound asleep, they snuck out of the hotel in search of recreational drugs.

They hoped to score some of the area's world renowned Hash, but would settle for some potent Yaba ( popular in Thailand and neighboring Asian countries , Yaba is a simple and convenient method for consuming crystal meth by swallowing capsules filled with methamphetamine and caffeine.,)

The tragic events that happened next were truly unfortunate and could've easily been avoided if Jen and Ted hadn't been so stupid, reckless and impulsive.

The naive couple were quickly scammed and relieved of their money by the first two drug peddlers.

Broke, without drugs, desperate and fuming over being scammed not just once, but twice, they reached a higher level of idiocy by attempting to steal the drugs AND money from the third dealer - ironically, a man regarded as a straight shooter and long history of brokering fair deals.

All Hell broke loose when the dealer grew suspicious, side-stepped the fast-talking, vision-blocking Ted and saw Jen slide a bag of Yaba pills into the unbuttoned space exposing her cleavage and stow it in the left cup of her bra.

Then the fight began.

The dealer and his assistant pulled out butterfly knives from the inside pockets of their suit coats.

Stubborn and stupid, Jen and Ted made one final play for more drugs and a portion of the stacks of 10, 20 and 50 U.S. Dollar Bills beside the electric counting machine.

The would-be foreigner thieves quickly abandoned their plans when the dealer and assistant quit their guarding posture and began advancing; their knives carving out a continual, chest-high figure "8" pattern in front of them.

The botched robbery left Ted and Jen with several 1-2 mm deep defensive knife wounds to their hands and forearms.

And their not-so-hasty retreat resulted in multiple, 5mm deep punctures and lacerations to the posterior, upper scapular regions of Jen and Ted's backs.

Still reeling from the day's events, the panic stricken couple rushed back to the hotel, snuck past the sleeping Bhut, snatched their backpacks and vanished into the pre-dawn rural landscape; leaving Bhut behind to fend for herself - with no knowledge of what they had just done.

The next day, some locals swore to police that they saw a white foreigner man and a blond foreigner woman flee the place where the altercation occurred.

Other locals were certain the same couple went in the hotel where Ms.Jolokia was staying.

Very bad for Bhut Jolokia, but very convenient for the corrupt, lazy police was the fact that similar to Jen, Bhut happened to have long blond hair.

Imagine that?



In short, Jen and Ted threw Bhut under the bus.

And without hesitation and an inkling of remorse, they abandoned her to take the blame for their crimes and planned to let her rot in that hell-hole prison forever.

[Ok. Back on topic: Bhut Jolokia before joining Scoville, Inc.]

At 0330, under dim moonlight conditions, a three-person team from Scoville Heat, Inc. executed a succesful, silent, 7 min. 38 sec. rescue mission; safely liberating Ms. Jolokia and another female prisoner from the filthy, overcrowded Northern India prison.

After an uneventful, no enemy contact, 10 km hike, they crossed over the border and using Intel provided by a U.S. mole deep within the Pakistani Government, the team successfully negotiated the 2 Km wide, landmine-laden "Buffer Zone" between India and Pakistan.

Nicknamed the "No Man's Happy Ending Land", the zone is literally an explosive sand moat that is impossible to cross without knowledge of exact landmine locations.

Reaching a CIA safe house lent to Raymond Kohl by the Director, the team performed a quick status check of the rescued prisoners, dry fired and reloaded their weapons, radioed an updated "Green Light" sitrep and requested immediate extraction.

At dawn, a modified SAR helo appeared on the horizon, vectored onto the team's orange popped smoke, landed and boarded their passengers.

Less than 20 minutes later, all were safely onboard the United States Super Carrier "USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78).

The second woman rescued, a British national, was repatriated to the U.K.

Exercising her dual U.S./U.K. citizenship rights (made possible by her British father and U.S. mother), Bhun Jolokia chose to stay in the United States.

She was anxious to fill a job opening at Scoville Heat, Inc. and to immediately follow-up on Raymond's recent leads on the whereabouts of Jen and Ted...

[Parting Shot: Bhut Jolokia arrived for her first workday at Scoville Heat, Inc. with short-cropped, dark brown hair. She's been a brunette ever since.]

[Submitted for your entertainment. Enjoy the Original Art.]

May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

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