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(JaiChai) BREAKING NEWS: "Forbidden Renaissance Masterpiece found in Italy, made into NFTs "

jaichaiPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read

[Note: This post is purely SATIRE.]


"Forbidden Masterpiece".gif

"...While demolishing the old, pre- Renaissance servants quarters to make way for additional facilities on his estate, an Italian vineyard owner in Milan discovered a hidden tunnel leading to an ancient storage room.

It was filled with what's proven to be hundreds of authentic, Renaissance era artwork.

Included in the find is a painting titled "True Natures" (aka "The Forbidden Masterpiece").

The moniker comes from how quickly it was labeled as "Pure, Demonic Blasphemy" by the Church and disappeared from the Milan Art Gallery; never to be seen by the public again until today.

Why did the painting upset the Vatican so much?

Because the painting "True Natures" clearly depicts angels not as divine beings, but as technologically advanced extraterrestrials; while also showing humans as the true, physically ill-adapted for life on Earth aliens.

Channel 369 News will keep you informed as soon as additional details are available.

This is JaiChai reporting live from Milan..."

Submitted for your amusement today.

Enjoy the original digital art.

And may you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

*A rare, signed, higher resolution and non-watermarked version of this image is available for download at:

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