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Create a Poster Contest - Win 1000 wls

jackpotPosted to Public2 months ago2 min read

Create a Poster and WIN 1000 wls


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Jackpots back!

Its been a while since we have done a contest so I and to feel that now is a good a time as any to launch a new contest and to kick start it, I am giving away 1000 wls to the winner.

It's no secret that Whaleshares has been a quiet place of late and a lot of that is down to the world not knowing that we exist. So that gave me an idea for a little giveaway...

Create a poster to advertise Whaleshares

You can create it however you like whether that be digital or drawing freehand just let your imagination come to life. here is an example that I created.

poster 2.jpg


  • entries can be a post or comment
  • Must be your own creation ( stock graphics can be used)
  • one entry per person
  • Closing date will be 7th Feb

They can only be one winner so be as creative as you can be. they will be certain things i will be looking for when coming to judge.

  • attractiveness ( does the poster attract attention )
  • creativeness ( how much effort have you giving your poster )
  • informative ( is there enough information for the viewer )

Winner will be chosen on the 7th Feb and will walk away with 1000 wls

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Sharing is caring tag your friends and followers into this post ( not a requirement to the contest )
Jackpot contest relies upon plenty of interaction in order to fund future contests so if you would like to see more giveaways like this one then Jackpot needs your help.

Thankyou and Goodluck!

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