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⭐️ We-Talent Contest | 〰️ ROUND 2 BEGINS〰️ | Powered by: @pixel @freedomexists @black-man @the-jukebox @met

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Tokens Sponsoring The Contest

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Purpose And Functions of The Contest

Welcome to the ROUND 2 of the We-TALENT contest, the contest for all talent forms on the platform. Purpose for this contest is adding to the value of art and performances on WHALESHARES, opening a chance for anybody to have a go at winning rewards and gain extra traction by participating.

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There are two categories on WE-Talent contest
PERFORMING and VISUAL ARTS, and each category is being rewarded by 5 different tokens

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🔹 PXL - PIXEL token by @anritco 🔸 MET - MET token by @fonsolo 🔹 WHC - WHALECOINS token by @freedomexists 🔸 APY - AIRPLAY token by @seveaux GVS 🔹 GIVENS token by @black-man

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1. Make a post with your art/performance (old or new)

2. Include "We-Talent Round #" in your post title

3. Use #we-talent tag as the first tag

4. Place your We-Talent post link in the comments below

5. Provide your BTS wallet username in your post

6. Support by sharing this post


Enter until 23'rd of October


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Contest Q & A


Does my art/performance need to be made new for this contest?

No, you can post anything that presents you as an artist, be it from today or 50 years ago, as long it is recorded to be seen or heard, it is valid. There will be "Special Rounds" in the future where there will be a theme given to make something fresh exclusively for We-Talent

Can I make more entries per round?

Yes, maximum of 2 entries. Considering that there is two categories, VISUAL ARTS and PERFORMING ARTS, you can make one entry in each category in the same round of the contest. You cannot enter both categories with the same art/performance.

Can I enter the contest with NSFW artwork, and are there any limitations?

Yes, you can enter with NSFW artwork freely, only limitations are Porn, Blood & Gore and Political Statements, anything else is allowed, sky is the limit.

Can I re-post something that I used to enter in previous rounds or other competitions?

No you cannot, to make things fair and more interesting this is not an option.

How long does one round of the contest last?

It lasts for 14 days, same as the post payout length.

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The building blocks of any contests are its sponsors, to learn more about who is officially supporting this contest, who they are and what are they doing on the whaleshares.io keep on reading below.


@pixel is a token that is made as a project to support the art and photography on the whaleshares platform, it was created by @anritco, a core dev member and an artists himself, check more about the PIXEL project in the post below.


small.png @freedomexists

WHALECOIN is a token made by @freedomexists. It's aim is to reward those who work for the community, by winning or receiving this tokens you are eligible for the upshare by an account that is vested by 100,000 Whalestake. If you want to learn more about the WHALECOIN, visit it's original post below.


AIRPLAY.png  @the-jukebox

@the-jukebox is a project that was started by @seveaux to exclusively support musicians on the whaleshares platform, Seveaux created the AIRPLAY token to be distributed among the musician/producer community here on the WS, check more about the AIRPLAY project in the post below.


fe25922358581b426715d1c25969ee19acae9be5.png   @black-man

GIVENS is a token that is made as a project to support or fund the charity, social impact, humanitarian or community projects, it was created by @black-man, UX and a Witness on the whaleshares, check more about the GIVENS project in the post below. You can support @black-man as a witness by voting for him, you can vote by clicking HERE


MET (Transparent).png @met

"Morte et Tributa" or short @met, is a project and a token dedicated to provide professionals and intellectuals with a central hub to which they can share valuable, general business-related knowledge and increase awareness of the cryptocurrency regulation, check more about the MET project in the post below.



#WE-TALENT Re-invites you all

@tygertyger @spawnband @juxta @theturtleproject @samprock @jeffguitar @darrenclaxton @davoodfaramarzi @trg @merej99 @sanderjansenart @beekart @anouk.nox @megy @neon @kristyglas @podanrj @allforyou @leribyleri @alarconr22.arte @stop40 @warpedwhale

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