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Hello Brothers and Sisters.
Recently, I have been going through alot and I wondered why things happen as unexpected?

There's this movie I once saw TOUCH and it's all about how every circumstances affect human beings and relate with each other.

I stayed a while and took out time to observe, think and reason about this extraordinary circumstance.
I was once told by someone in church that when a Minister or one who sees(Visioner) gives you a task to carryout to prevent unforeseen circumstances, we feel that everything has been destined and will always turn out to be the way it is suppose to be no matter what we do.

Man proposes and God disposes!

Let's take our mind back to the creation. Alot of Christians do say that God had already set out his plans for us and knew that Adam and Eve would eat the apple. This utterance they use to prove the fact that whatever is suppose to be will be.
This is wrong because in life generally, everything is double-sided or more than.

There was every tendency that Adam and Eve wouldn't have eaten the apple so as there was that they would had eaten the apple also.
If Adam and Eve had not eaten the apple, life would have gone in another shape and another direction.

This is to say, the absence of that Touch, would have actually led us into another life and existence that we are not in now.

There's this popular story of a prophecy being told to two men. One was informed that he would be rich in the future while the other was told he would be poor. The rich man sat under a tree awaiting his proclaimed wealth while the other worked hard for survival. At the end, their destinies changed. The one who worked hard became rich and the other poor.

When Joseph in the Bible interpreted Pharaoh's dream, he didn't stop there at the interpretation, he worked hard to overcome the disaster that would have befallen them. Although, they didn't stop the famine from happening, but they prevented themselves from dying of starvation.

This post basically is a call up advice to us all, that Visions, dreams and prophecies are not told for telling sake. They are told so we work hard and try to cut off the negativity and disaster that would have happened in the future or for us to see how to overcome these disaster through early preparations and avoidance.

A touch today is what determines how the future will be.

I could recall once when a colleague of mine was in need of some money urgently, every other staff claimed not to have it and I gave it to her. I didn't bother asking her the money and the whole thing faded.

Some months later, when I was on break at work writing my entrance exams into school, I was so broke that I didn't know what to do. I just called the girl as usual and was like 'things dry ooo'. I never told her I had nothing on me. She requested to see me and gave me some money. That girl totally saved me that day because I had exams the next day and I was still pondering how to start placing calls to ask for money because I was very broke.

The event of the past actually led to this. Some years later when she was admitted into school, we were having a conversation and she told me how I save her the other day that she would never forget.

This is to prove that life is a connection of so many experiences and events. God instructs us to do alot of things so that we will not perish in the future. But we neglect these instructions!

Every touch is important. You touch a life today and save two tomorrow.
Please, touch a life and touch yourself!

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