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Some Changes Worth Mentioning

incognitoPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

The team has been very busy improving the project in various ways.


To optimize support, communication and discussions we are moving from Telegram to the Incognito website. The website landing page changed to a Discourse forum. It is an experiment. We want to provide as much information as users need, from projects the different teams are working on, to the project roadmap and everything in between. There is room for users to post their ideas and suggestion and discuss these directly with the teams.

We are hoping having all information in one spot will make it easier to track issues and ideas.



A project that started out as "Incognito Ambassadors" was renamed "Incognito Rebels" before it actually launched. Rebels are people who value privacy for cryptocurrency and who are willing to spend some time each week to make more people aware of the Incognito project. Each rebel sets their own targets, and spreads the word in their own way.

pNode Staking

We recently lifted the mandatory funded staking for pNodes. Everyone can now use their own PRV to stake their pNode. Once "Unstaking" is activated to remove the funded stake, it will take until after the next earning cycle for the unstaking to actually happen. This can take some time.

By using own PRV to stake the earnings split is no longer happening, the validator collects 100% of the earnings.

The Wallet App

The wallet app got a make-over, functions were moved, some removed, and some added. Download the app and let us know what you think.

vNode diskspace

Reducing diskspace usage for the Nodes was high on the todo list of the developers. It is not implemented on mainnet yet, but they have been able to significantly reduce the needed diskspace. You can read more about it here.


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