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Incognito pNode - what it is and how is it used

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The function of the pNode (physical Node) on the Incognito blockchain, is comparable to the function of a witness server on the Whaleshares blockchain.

The main difference is the ease of use. You do not need to install and manage a server, all that is needed is connecting the pNode to your home WIFI network, and installing the Incognito Wallet app to monitor your earnings.

Step by Step

Step 1

After unpacking, connect the pNode to a power supply.

Step 2

Install the Incognito Wallet app.
After installation, your Wallet will contain 3 accounts (tap the gear icon at the top right)

  • Account0
  • pDEX
  • pDEXWithdraw

Step 3

Tap the Nodes icon at the bottom to go to the Node tab

  • tap Add a node
  • tap Device
  • follow the instructions
    (if setup fails, contact us on Telegram or through the website. We can help you with using an alternative setup procedure)

Step 4

After successfully setting up the node your account screen will look like this

  • Account0
  • Node xxxxx
  • pDEX
  • pDEXWithdraw

Backup the private key of each of these accounts. The private key can not be retrieved in any way by anyone else. When you lose that key you will lose access to your funds. For example, you lose your phone, or your phone stops working, at that point you will want to recreate your accounts on another device. This is only possible by importing the private key of that account.

The best way to keep it safe is to store it offline in multiple places, like a USB stick, external drive, and print. If you print it, transfer it to a QR code so you can easily enter the private key when needed. Entering it character by character will be a pain.

Step 5

This step is out of your hands. After setting up de node in the app, a stake request will be sent by the node. Every node needs to be staked with 1750 PRV. The pNodes use funded stake.

While you use this funded stake, your earnings will be shared between you and the fund, by a 25/75 split. At this moment there is no option to use your own PRV to stake a pNode.

Step 6

After staking it is time to earn. To start earning your pNode needs to be selected to join a shard. Once selected it will stay connected to this shard for at least 4 hours. After these 4 hours, your earnings will be added to your node. A new selection will be made to stay connected to the shards for the next 4 hours and so on.

The selection to join a shard is done randomly. This results in random earnings as well. You can have multiple days of not being selected and multiple days of being selected.


When you look at earnings over a small period of time, there could be differences between two Nodes, even if they are in the same house, using the same WIFI. When you look at earnings over a longer period of time, earnings will be more or less equal for every Node.

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