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I was waiting patiently in the waiting room of this hospital when a young man was stretchered into the hospital. After waiting for a while, I got the gist from a friend of mine at the hospital and this is how it goes. For anonymity sake, this patient name will be John.

John was a loner and his friends advised him to get a pet to keep him company. He heeded and got a cat, they became so close. He named her Alice and would carry her, bath, feed and play with her. They even sleep on the same bed at night. Months later, John met a girl at the store and they started dating. Sarah was allergic to cat so he was always in her place.

The relationship between Sarah and John affected the bond between Alice and him. Most times, he would forget to leave food for her and stay for days with his new girlfriend. Even when he was home, he stopped being responsible for her. One evening, he quickly went home to change his cloth because of a date night with Sarah. As he was leaving the bathroom, his phone rang in the sitting room.

He was so engrossed with the chat with his babe that he forgot he was naked. Alice came out of her hiding place hungry and bored. She saw something dangling and thought it was sausage. Without wasting time, she jumped at her owner’s manhood and injured it badly.

Doctors say he will be fine but the lesson here is clear. We should learn to take care of our pets, they are part of us too. If we can’t take care of them, we can put them for adoption instead of treating them badly. The Hospital Gist continues later with another story to learn from.


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