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Witness Update

ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Public11 months ago3 min read

Server Issues

One of the first things you have to do as a witness is, setup a witness server. Witnesses help keep the blockchain run smoothly by doing that. That is, if your server performs well.

Unfortunately, my server had some issues. I won't name the host here, but I picked a Dutch host thinking it would be a good idea to spread witness servers all over the globe. This host has a good reputation, and great customer service. What could go wrong?


The server needs to connect and accept blocks of information at a fashionable speed. If there is too much delay (high latency) things can go wrong. The blockchain is not in immediate danger, but the server is going to miss blocks.

For a reason no one was able to explain, my server started out fine, low latency, but overtime showed an increase in latency. It increased up to a point that it started missing blocks. All I could do was restart the server. This did seem to decrease latency, but only for a few days.

Time to make Changes

My settings seemed fine, and according to my host, I was not using all resources. They had no clue what could be the cause of this increasing latency.

Time to try something else. I had already asked other witnesses about their hosts, the same name came up a few times. And just when I decided I had to make the change today, a new witness asked for my help installing his witness server. Guess what? He had signed up with the same host others had mentioned. It felt like the universe was trying to tell me something. Don't you think?

It took some trial and error, but yesterday I was able to get the new server online, and cancel the old server. If you tried to vote for me yesterday, you may have found my witness name being greyed out in the witness list. That was when I was in the middle of switching hosts. It should all be fine now.

Let's hope missing blocks is something of the past.

Whaleguardians Project

Since plagiarism is something I am allergic to, I have been taking some action to get in contact with people who post plagiarized content, to help them use external sources the right way.

This is a lot of work. Therefore a team was formed, and a new account created. Instead of posting about it on this witness account, the @whaleguardians account will keep you up to date.

Help and Support

@whaleguardians needs all the help and support you are willing to give. Sometimes all we want is for curators to remove their rewards. Sometimes we need more, sometimes we need people who are willing to flag rewards away.

Follow the @whaleguardians account to be informed on actions needed and taken.

Logo Contest

For those interested there is a Logo Contest at the moment for the @whaleguardians account. Give it a shot, and win 100 KrazyKoin token.

Use your witness votes wisely

Jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your witness votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to the witness names of your choice (mine would be "ijmmaiwitness") and supply your private active key to lock in your vote.

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